We offered following Services :

We proudly claim that we are experts in the following items:

  •  Film Studios Sets
  •  Fiber & Plastic
  •  Metal
  • Sculpture

All types of Sculpture Works in:

  • Glass Fiber
  • Plastic
  • Acrylic
  • Metal

Apart from this, we design, deliver, install and uninstall the sets for our regular customers. We offer valuable suggestions to the film director, designers and artist to perform the best on our sets as it is our product and we know how best it can be used.

Technology Used

We use molding, casting as well as clay modeling to get the desired effect and bring life into the structure.

Future Offers:

Art Always 4u plans to offer Hyper Realistic Work such as human parts made of silicon that can be cut, sliced and bleed. We also offers smash bottles made of Ultra Thin Polymer that break on impact causing zero injury to the artist yet giving full effect of the real object.

Past Work:

If you visit Mukteshwar Temple at Juhu, you can see the statue of shiv -parvati that we made of fiber are in the interior as well as exterior of the temple. These statues are made of fiber and have a very long life. These  status are used to create an ambience in the temple that engulfs the visitor.

Debu- Dev Tethechi Jaanaavaa: This is one of the films that I have directed myself. It is a Marathi film for which I received an award as Best Art Director (Awarded by Sanskritic Kala Darpan).